Worldwide Network

We believe that we need to service our customers with qualitative and consistant local expertise at any port or airport in the world . That is why we are members of several global freight forwarding networks. To make sure we serve you, with expertise tailored to your niche market, in every corner of the world.

Through our memberships of networks such as WCA First, Pharma Logistics Network, WCA time critical and so forth we offer the larges freight forwarding network in the world with over 12.000 member offices in 196 countries.

Network advantages

  • Global reach;
  • Diverse market expertise. A specialist for each market type available;
  • Enhanced reliability and trust through a credible admission process;

What is in it for you?

  • Smooth local pick-ups & deliveries;
  • Safe and correct handling of your products;
  • Fast, reliable and affordable local solutions.

Logicall Solutions

In addition to the above-mentioned ready-made solutions, we can also create a solution specifically for your needs.

Our professionals are at your disposal. Please contact us so that together we can realize an added value for you.

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