Logicall continues its sustainable journey with Green Horizons initiative

Logicall Airfreight B.V. (“Logicall”) has set its sights on a greener future. With a steadfast commitment to sustainability, Logicall is poised to take off and boost environmental and corporate responsibility. Logicall will launch a series of initiatives in 2024 and onwards aimed at reducing our environmental footprint and promoting sustainable practices within the industry. With a steadfast commitment to environmental responsibility, Logicall is hoping to inspire others to follow suit.

SKAO CO2 Performance Ladder

We commit to the SKAO CO2 Performance Ladder. By committing to this framework, we aim to achieve Level 3 status by 2024, demonstrating our commitment to reducing carbon emissions and fostering sustainable operations. This ambitious goal underscores our determination to ensure insight in our carbon footprint and emissions and which opportunities we can initiate to improve and support a low-carbon future.

In addition, we have an Ecovadis Bronze Medal rating, with actions in place to reach the next level. This reflects our ongoing efforts to integrate sustainability into every facet of our operations, from supply chain management to corporate governance.

Global disclosure project

In line with our commitment to transparency and accountability, Logicall Airfreight B.V. continues to report through the Global Disclosure Project, ensuring that our sustainability efforts are not only impactful but also measurable on a global scale. By participating in this initiative, we reaffirm our dedication to driving positive change and fostering greater transparency within the industry.

Green Horizons

In an effort to raise awareness and promote sustainable practices, Logical Airfreight B.V. is launching its own “Green Horizons” campaign, a multifaceted initiative that includes our logo sign in green for awareness, workshops, awareness trainings, implementation of sustainable initiatives, and engaging events. Through these efforts, we seek to empower stakeholders and inspire collective action towards a more sustainable future.

“We invite everyone to join us towards a green horizon. Together, we can huddle towards a cleaner and more sustainable future. One where our actions today shape a better tomorrow for generations to come.”

Eric Aarsen, Managing Director at Logicall Airfreight B.V.

Commitment to sustainability

Our commitment to sustainability doesn’t stop there. In a testament to our dedication to environmental conservation, the company has pledged support to the Ocean Cleanup project, a pioneering endeavour aimed at tackling the urgent issue of ocean pollution. By contributing to this noble cause, Logicall is actively supporting innovative solutions to one of the most pressing environmental challenges of our time.

But we also seek sustainability closer to our own field of work. Annually we support KLM in the use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel in their aircrafts. AIR FRANCE KLM MARTINAIR Cargo – Sustainable Aviation Fuel (afklcargo.com)

In an era defined by unprecedented environmental challenges, Logicall Airfreight B.V. will aid towards hope and inspiration, proving that with vision, determination, and collective action, a sustainable future is within reach. Only together we forge ahead on our sustainability journey. Logicall invites everyone join in building a brighter, greener horizon for all!


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