Logicall presents its commitment to net zero by 2050

At Logicall, we envision a world where sustainability is not just a goal, but a way of life. We are committed to leading the way in building a more sustainable and equitable future for current and generations to come. We are on a mission to create positive, lasting impacts on our planet and society. We will achieve this by setting and pursuing ambitious targets that address our time’s most pressing environmental and social challenges.

Net Zero

Our ambition is to be a driving force behind this transformation, setting new standards for sustainability and inspiring positive change across industries. This will not limited be to our immediate sphere of influence but encompassing our entire supply chain. We are dedicated to complying with the Paris Agreement and achieving net zero across all our operations by 2050. We will implement innovative carbon reduction strategies, invest in renewable energy sources, carbon offsetting, and collaborate with suppliers, clients, competitors and other business partners to minimize our carbon footprint. It is our logical goal to achieve a 25% reduction in emissions by 2030.

Additionally we will be maintaining our Ecovadis Bronze Medal rating, with aspirations to elevate to an even higher level. This prestigious mark reflects Logical’s ongoing efforts to integrate sustainability into every facet of its operations, from supply chain management to corporate governance.

Circular Economy

We will transition to a circular economy model, where waste is minimized, resource volumes are limited and continually reused and recycled. By 2030, 100% of our packaging will be made from recycled materials. In the field of Zero Waste to Landfill, we aim for a reduction of 100% of our waste by 2030.

Social Impact

Our sustainability journey extends beyond the environment. We pledge to improve the well-being of the communities where we operate. We are committed to having a respectful, healthy, safe and supportive workplace that enables us to attract and retain a diverse and balanced workforce that represents our values and community. By 2025, we will have active programs that will help our organizations make a positive difference in the lives of their employees, communities, and society at large. We will continuously review opportunities to fulfil the needs of our social environment.

Responsible Supply Chain

We will continuously review our services and the supply chains of customers to seek
opportunities and redesign if needed to improve our sustainability performance and our impact on the environment and communities.
We will hold our suppliers to the highest ethical and sustainability standards. By 2025, 50% of our suppliers will be certified as sustainable, and we will work with them to ensure fair labour practices and responsible sourcing.

Our commitment

We recognize that achieving these ambitious targets will require unwavering dedication, innovation, and collaboration with our employees, customers, partners, and all other stakeholders. We commit to transparency and accountability by regularly reporting our progress toward these goals.


About Logicall

Logicall is a one-stop-shop logistics provider, offering supply chain solutions, air and ocean freight forwarding, warehousing & fulfilment, parcel management, road transport and technical services. Building on 145 years of experience in the logistics industry, we provide integral and trusted solutions. Combining logistics expertise with data insights and smart digital solutions to optimize supply chains for customers. With 35 offices strategically located in twelve countries, we provide seamless service across key locations.

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