Managed service

Let us unburden your logistic, customer service, finance and IT teams by managing your parcel deliveries from contract until invoice control!

Claim management

In the rare event of discrepancies, damages, or losses, our dedicated team is equipped to navigate the claims process seamlessly. From initial reporting to resolution, we prioritize transparency and client satisfaction.

Business intelligence

Gain unprecedented insights into your shipping operations through our robust analytics and reporting tools. Our business intelligence features empower you to make informed decisions, optimize shipping routes, and enhance overall operational efficiency.


Our reporting tools provide real-time visibility into your shipping activities, offering comprehensive insights and analytics. Track shipments, monitor delivery performance, and analyze key metrics effortlessly.


By consolidating volumes through joint purchasing, we leverage collective strength to negotiate better prices per parcel with carriers. This not only translates to significant cost savings but also allows us to offer competitive shipping rates to our clients.


Improve your customer journey

Our Managed service optimizes your shipping costs, quality and reliability whilst improving your customer journey by hands on customer service and pro-active communication.

We create transparency in shipping and return flows with data driven transport management. And by using local hero’s we offer quick access to new markets.

Our customer service keeps an eye on the whole process, avoiding unnecessary delays and ensuring the best possible delivery experience.

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