Customers of Logicall tend to outsource as many processes as possible to be able to focus on their core competencies. In this context, Logicall fulfills the role of a Fourth-Party logistics Provider (4PL), to address complex supply chains acting as a single point of contact.

Sourcing the right suppliers, as well as the subsequent processes, are in good hands with us. We manage the total costs, including both purchase prices and related logistical and capital costs.


Logicall experiences daily how important it is to have proper protection for goods. During handling, transportation, and storage, the goods are exposed to temperature fluctuations and vibrations. This calls for the right protection.

It is also important to consider logistical dimensions when designing the packaging. This benefits both the loading capacity and the protection. Reducing empty spaces prevents the movement or falling of the load.


Specifically for the Telecom sector, we offer various related products for which we can handle sourcing, procurement, and inventory management. Parts such as cables, connectors, and remote controls can be sourced and purchased through our services.


In the design of new solutions and during procurement, we are highly critical of the environmental impact generated by the parts or packaging. The following aspects are taken into consideration during the sourcing process:

  • Are there raw materials required that come from the earth and are depleting?
  • Is the production process of the product environmentally burdensome?
  • What is the environmental impact of transporting the product from the place of production to our storage location?
  • Is the material of the product or its components recyclable?

Requirements planning

As a service provider, we excel in bringing together volumes and sharing capacities like no other. This provides significant advantages for our clients. In procurement, we consolidate volumes from various clients across different chains to maximize potential benefits.

Moreover, we possess accurate consumption data, enabling us to streamline the supply process effectively. Combined with the forecasting from our clients, we achieve the right availability with optimal inventory levels.

Inventory Management

We have the right consumption data, allowing us to precisely structure the supply process. Supplemented by the forecasting from our clients, we achieve the correct availability with optimal inventory levels.



It is not customary for logistics service providers to take over the management of logistical and related components.

We believe in doing so at Logicall. This provides the client with the maximum benefit of outsourcing!

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