Road transport

When it comes to Road transport Logicall has got you covered. From Forwarding services to T1 and non-EU transport and correct planning and communication.

Our unique EU groupage service: connecting 18 world-class hubs and 314 strategically-placed delivery centers covering 42 countries.

EU groupage services

There are some collaborations between carriers in Europe that make it possible to transport small shipments that are too large for the parcel service. From 30 kg up to a few pallets is no problem. They are transported every day in a very professional and extremely efficient system. This is a unique mode of transport with very high quality, a low price and extremely sustainable. Logicall has been a member and shareholder of this collaboration for more than 25 years.

Forwarding services

Several Logicall offices offers transport services. Secured transport, temperature controlled or general palletized transport. With daily line hauls to more than 15 countries, we have excellent connections for your shipments. Logicall uses reliable carriers throughout Europe and also has more than 100 of its own trucks and excellent drivers.

T1 and non EU

Our professionals also accompany your shipments with the correct documents. Transport via T1 or from/to non-EU countries means that careful actions must be taken to ensure that the movement of your goods is also successful in the documentation.


Collecting or delivering your goods involves correct communication. We and our partners are familiar with your relations and try to fulfill their wishes. For this purpose, we are in contact with them and take the work off our clients’ hands. Our portal provides continuous insight into the status of your shipments.


There are many reasons why a shipment is not delivered at the right time. It is our job to exclude this reason or, if there is no other option, to adjust expectations and inform. With proactive communication we want to provide the answers before the question arises.


How efficient cooperation can be

Our network brings 17,000 vehicles together, 28,000 employees and delivers 36,000 pallets every day – ensuring the alliance is a sector leader. We are using 18 world-class central hubs and 314 strategically-placed delivery centres covering 42 countries.

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