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We transport goods for various industries; food, furniture, merchandise, sanitary ware, electronics, fashion, and so on. Often goods for which careful handling is important.

Selecting a transporter is not a simple process. Choosing from tens of thousands of providers in Europe means you need to have an up-to-date database as well as knowledge of the qualities of the carriers. The so-called carrier selection process is highly dynamic and requires specific expertise.


Projects are characterized by large quantities in a short period of time. This is usually accompanied by specific management. Our engineers start collecting the necessary information and wishes at an early stage. Together with all those involved, they agree at an early stage how the project will be carried out. During the project, the client is continuously provided with information via our portal.


Not only the value of the goods but also their tradability plays an important role in the way in which goods can be transshipped and transported. Secured transport consists of various components that are carefully coordinated and continuously monitored.


Hygiene, temperature control as well as securing the shipment are important components in the transport of Healthcare-related goods. Our professionals work with modern systems and partners to ensure these transports run smoothly.


Our transport is Logicall

Transporting goods is more than just driving from A to B. It also means assessing various risks. Estimating the likelihood of damage or theft of goods, as well as the consequences of delays in delivery or incorrect documents, must be done accurately and prevented. Professional communication with the shipping and receiving locations is a crucial aspect.

Our combination of over 160 years of experience, extensive knowledge of transport, intelligent use of software & data, and an enthusiastic team of professionals results in a very high and consistent performance.

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