Logicall specializes in handling fast moving consumer electronics such as cell phones, tablets, laptops, and so on. Not only does this require smooth barcode driven operations to expedite processes and ensure the quality of handling high value sensitive products but also a business approach that is characterized by secured and compliant processes.

Logicall operates a secured TAPA A FSR certified warehouse.
In addition, agile and resilient business processes are essential to address sales peaks during quarter-ends, new product launches and fulfilment to support sales promotions.

Direct to business and
Direct to customer

Logicall provides a simplified multi channel model for Consumer Electronics.

Direct to:

  • Consumer home addresses
  • Retail
  • Business to e-commerce
  • Direct to business

Logistics flows are interchangeable and can be merged to centralize the last mile distribution of goods. Order fulfilment is combined with regards to process flows and the distribution to multi channels.




The DNA of our company is to be innovative, responsive towards market developments and flexible towards supply-chain challenges of our customers. This with healthy ambition and without being shunning regarding investments. There is a drive to provide added value to create benefits for our customers and bringing continuity into the partnership.

By taking an integral approach that combines the flow of goods, data and cash, benefits are created and shared in a partnership model. This allows for sustainable improvements for our customers, our company and the environment.


  • customization,
  • packaging,
  • integration,
  • software,
  • engineering and
  • logistics

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