One Stop Shop

Logicall offers customers a One Stop Shop concept. In our European warehouses and Technical Service Centers we combine logistic disciplines in the fields of international inventory management, storage, order fulfillment, product configuration, distribution, high-quality secured transport, Installation on-site, Value Added Logistic services, technical logistics services, parcel distribution, returns management and more.

In collaboration with our customers and business partners, we add customized value throughout the chain. We offer one concept, one IT platform and one point of contact.

Multichannel commerce

The Logicall operation is aimed at offering hybrid solutions for Business to Business, Business to Marketplaces as well as Business to Consumer markets to service complex crossover requirements. All is offered from warehouse locations combining regular order pick/pack strategies with fulfilment.

For example, an end customer may choose to pick-up single-piece parcel their orders at retail locations, or prefers a delivery at home or any other specified location. At the same time a B2B customer may require a 10 articles 20 piece order to be delivered at a pallet at a store.
Our IT solutions support this multi-channel complexity and ensures transparency that allows all stakeholders involved in the supply-chain to see all options and statuses during the process in all different combinations.



The DNA of our company is to be innovative, responsive towards market developments and flexible towards supply-chain challenges of our customers. This with healthy ambition and without being shunning regarding investments. There is a drive to provide added value to create benefits for our customers and bringing continuity into the partnership.

By taking an integral approach that combines the flow of goods, data and cash, benefits are created and shared in a partnership model. This allows for sustainable improvements for our customers, our company and the environment.

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