Market focus

Pre-installing, Installing and returns are our specialty. From planning to execution and hand-over. Our years of experience in very specific fields have made Logicall the go-to partner for on-site installations.


Payments are increasingly shifting towards digital channels. Therefore, we install (unmanned) payment stations on a daily basis. However, we are also active in the cash flow domain. We are the largest external installer of ATMs.


The installation of printers and copiers often occurs in environments where special equipment is needed to access multiple floors or avoid damaging surfaces. Our professionals have the necessary tools to ensure the desired delivery without compromising floors or structural integrity.


Safes can weigh thousands of kilograms and are typically positioned in places where they cannot be easily moved. This makes installation or retrieval challenging. With decades of experience, we excel in mastering this discipline like no other.

Fitness equipment

The installation of heavy equipment at both businesses and residences requires expertise. The technical components in modern devices have significantly advanced, incorporating features like connectivity to local networks or mobile phones. We combine this specialized knowledge with our experience in assembling, vertically moving heavy goods, and providing user instructions on how the equipment operates.

Vending machines

For decades, we have been working with major A-brands that utilize vending machines. The conditions of the locations where the machines are placed vary widely, and reliable functionality is crucial. Our Benelux team comprises 200 professionals dedicated to ensuring seamless communication and meticulous (de)installation.


This environment has specific safety requirements. The equipment used in places like municipal offices demands additional measures for the safe placement, swap, or retrieval of devices. Our team recognizes the importance of this and leverages their years of experience to meet the expectations of being a reliable partner.

Telecom Network Equipment

Delivery of transmission towers as well as the associated transmitter is a specialty. Delivery on the roof of an apartment building or in the open field requires a project-based approach and expertise. We work for several major providers in this market. Both the storage of these materials, the collection and packaging of the many components as well as the delivery is part of our service.


Adding value

The experience of a flawless delivery and installation significantly influences the customer journey. Representing various A-brands, we understand how to enhance the physical product with a positive experience. In addition to our technical and logistical expertise, communication is a crucial aspect of our service.

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