At Logicall we optimize process as much as possible. Pre-installing is no exception to this.
This forward-thinking approach involves preparing and assembling products in a controlled environment, offering advantages that resonate throughout the customer experience.


Opting for assembly before delivery provides a multitude of benefits. This proactive approach allows for meticulous preparation and quality control, ensuring that the final product is in optimal condition before reaching the customer. By consolidating assembly tasks in a controlled environment, we enhance efficiency and accuracy, ultimately contributing to a more cost-effective and seamless customer experience.


This strategic approach enables precise customization and quality assurance, ensuring that products are tailored to meet specific requirements and are in optimal condition upon delivery.
Configuring in the warehouse contributes to cost-effectiveness and resource optimization. It allows for careful planning and organization of components, reducing assembly time and, consequently, lowering overall operational expenses.


Project logistics requires customization. Logicall considers it a logical part of the logistical chain, allowing customers to focus on their core business. This is why customers turn to us for the implementation of large-scale deployment projects, such as in data centers, hospitals, banking institutions, universities, and government buildings. Much of the preparatory work is done at our technical service centers. With regard to the rollouts themselves, we handle a broad range of installation services, such as installing computer systems, laptops, printers, routers, switches and servers.

We also provide rack mounting services, including the installation of hardware cabling. When replacing systems, we collect and take obsolete systems with us and ensure that they are processed in an environmentally responsible manner. We also move complete network environments to different locations.


Minimize disruption and costs

The end customer benefits from an installation that is swift and expertly executed. With our technical workshops in Vilvoorde, Delft, and Venlo, we can prepare the devices before the installation. This is not only advantageous for minimizing disruption to the end customer but also for the overall cost.

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