Return processes are more than just a reversed delivery. Our technical staff evaluates over 500 pieces of returned goods with a plug on a daily basis. We are able to refurbish a significant portion of them. If that is not technically or economically feasible, we proceed with processes to recover the maximum amount of raw materials.

These processes are supported by software and communication to provide all stakeholders in the return chain with the necessary information.


De-installation for returns is a meticulous process that goes beyond the simple act of disassembly. Our expert technicians carefully dismantle and assess returned products, ensuring that each component is handled with precision. Throughout the de-installation process, our team utilizes advanced techniques and adheres to environmentally conscious practices. The goal is to maximize the efficiency of returns while minimizing environmental impact, ensuring a sustainable and responsible approach to product lifecycle management.

Serial number check

Serial number checking is a service we can offer in our returns process, ensuring accuracy and traceability at every stage. As returned products enter our facility, we check and keep track of the serial numbers. Serial number checking can be an important step, for instance when handeling high value electronic consumer goods, ensuring a seamless and accountable process for both our clients and our teams.


Grading products is a systematic and thorough evaluation process that allows us to categorize items based on their condition and functionality. Our experienced team assesses each product, considering factors such as performance, appearance, and functionality.


Refurbishment is a transformative process where returned or used products undergo thorough inspection, repair, and restoration to bring them back to optimal working condition. Refurbished products not only meet stringent quality standards but also offer a sustainable and cost-effective alternative. By extending the lifecycle of electronic devices and equipment, we contribute to reducing electronic waste and promoting environmental responsibility.


In our returns process, recycling plays a pivotal role in our commitment to environmental sustainability. Returned items that cannot be refurbished or repurposed are carefully processed for recycling to recover valuable raw materials. This eco-conscious approach minimizes waste and reduces the environmental impact of electronic products.


Logicall Returns

Returns are a multifaceted aspect of our product lifecycle management, encompassing various stages to ensure efficiency, accountability, and environmental responsibility. The process can include serial number checks upon receiving returned items, enabling accurate tracking and documentation. Our experienced team grades the products based on condition, providing transparent information for informed decision-making. For items that cannot be refurbished, we prioritize responsible recycling, extracting valuable raw materials and minimizing environmental impact. Throughout the returns process, our commitment to quality control, transparency, and sustainability remains steadfast, aligning with our mission to deliver value at every stage of the product lifecycle.

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