Logicall offers a broad range of multidisciplinary logistical services based on a shared warehousing model. From 10 logistics hotspot locations, we ensure economies of scale and optimal capacity management. Our teams are cross-trained so that there is always a team working on your operational processes at the lowest costs.

Combine B2B, B2C, B2M in a Multichannel Solution

Design and operating multichannel solutions is our profession. In order to offer the right solutions for the various needs in the chain, a good design of the logistics chain is required. By connecting the right services together with a perfect IT-layer, major benefits can be achieved.

Secured storage

Logicall operates different warehouses with different security levels. From Class 2 up to a TAPA A FSR certified warehouse. Our storage facilities, prerequisites and business processes are audited in compliance with the different standards. Moreover, stringent audits are performed by our multinational customer base to comply with their internal security policy.

Inventory management

Our systems are equipped with various options to optimally manage your stock. Serial number registration, version management, LIFO/FIFO/FEFO, volume registration, batch registration, assessment classes and so on. These are standard matters that we work with on a daily basis. Various items are available in our portal to simplify inventory management.

Bonded warehousing

Goods receipt for ocean and air freight is quicker and more practical with us, because we can store everything in our customs depot. Our customers benefit from a temporary cash flow advantage, since they can postpone and settle registration costs, duties and VAT payments at the end of the month.

Cold storage

More and more goods require temperature-controlled storage and shipping. With a sufficient infrastructure and registration system, goods can be transported and stored through the chain in the correct condition. It requires an accrual discipline from the participants in this chain. We have the resources, people and experience to make that happen.


Streamline and optimize

Our warehouse services are designed to streamline and optimize the storage and distribution processes for businesses. Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, our warehouses provide a secure and efficient environment for inventory management. From receiving and storing goods to order fulfillment and shipping, our comprehensive services cover every aspect of the supply chain.

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